Sunday Teaching Series

Sunday Teaching Series

Go a little deeper by checking out our Sunday Teaching Series on a variety of topics.

To understand the Times we're living in we need to embrace this truth, "Context is King; And Christ is King of kings."

Understanding the Times Teaching Series.


There is huge confusion and imbalances when it comes to End Times teaching and beliefs. Some interpret scripture in a way that destroys all faith that God could move in a powerful way in the last days,  to impact nations and usher many into the kingdom of God. 

This faith-less interpretation of the Book of Revelation and the last days has led many to believe that things will only get worse as time progresses. 

It doesn’t take faith to believe that things will only get worse. Anyone can be hopeless and fearful about the future.

It does take real faith in God to believe that God could and will arise upon His children to bring light into our dark world! 

Watch this in-depth teaching series on the End Times and how to understand the times we’re living.  

A better, faith-filled way to understand our times is anchored in scriptures like: 

Isaiah 60:2 For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; But the Lord will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you.

"The nature of the kingdom of God is that if you hold onto the blessings of God, you lose it, but if you give it away God will give you more."

Change Your World Series

How do we impact our world? 

In this series, André and Sonika share how the Fivefold Ministry Anointings empower the church to transform its environment. 

Each teaching unpacks another one of the Fivefold anointings and how you can grow deeper in these anointings.

"To change your world, you need to break free from the spirit of this world."

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Sunday Teaching Series