Kingdom Culture Curriculum

"If you Build it, God will Come."

Do you desire God in your midst? You can!

God is no respecter of persons. God’s passion is to dwell among His people and to release His goodness through His children.

If you build it, the Kingdom Culture, then God will come. 

If you build according to the “blueprint” of heaven, like Moses built the tabernacle of God, or as Solomon built the temple then God’s glory will come!

God has revealed to us from the scriptures, the keys of the Kingdom of God.  These keys are the “blueprint” of heaven, then God will show up and do great things in your midst.

"Jesus didn't come to establish a religion, but rather His Kingdom on earth."

Jesus' primary message was the Kingdom of Heaven. He came to reveal to us what His Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven is like.The Kingdom of God is the Upside-Down Kingdom. It is the opposite of the kingdoms of this world. For instance, if you want to go up in the Kingdom of God, you need to go down, you need to humble yourself under God's word.

"He sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick." Luke 9:2

8 Video Sessions + discussion guide + practical activations

Session 1 - Kingdom Culture Intro (the Upside-Down Kingdom)Session 2 - Kingdom HungerSession 3 - Kingdom Reign (Apostolic Culture)Session 4 - King Enthroned (Prophetic Culture)Session 5 - Royal Family (Pastoral Culture)Session 6 - Kingdom of Light (Evangelistic Culture)Session 7 - Keys of the Kingdom (Teaching Culture)Session 8 - Royalty

Watch the first session of the Kingdom Culture Curriculum:

Kingdom Culture Cover

Kingdom Culture Curriculum