Join us on the Kingdom Unleashed Youtube Channel for monthly interviews with Fivefold ministers to stir your faith and equip you in the Fivefold gifts.


How will the Fivefold Academy help you grow?

The Fivefold Ministry Academy has been ten years in the making. 

At the Academy we focus on one of the Fivefold each month and the six month is a leadership month.

Every month we interview a mature Fivefold minister and they share their journey of growth and how you can grow into that Fivefold grace.

Join the Fivefold Ministry Academy by joining the Facebook group, Fivefold Ministry Academy – Revivers Arise. This is a community of people that are passionate about the Fivefold gifts and will stir you to pursue more of Christ. 

You need a plan!

The MACH-G Framework

If you are to grow in the Fivefold, you need a plan, or a framework to guide your growth. We call this the MACH-G framework.

MMindset aligned with the Mission.

AAnointing to Break Down and Build Up.

CCharacter of Christ.

HHabits that become a Lifestyle.

GGo or Grow in the Gifts.

We’ll unpack the MACH-G framework in the interviews with mature Fivefold ministers. 

"You need to grow in all five of the Fivefold gifts, but specialize in one or two."

More info to follow!

Excited for this journey ahead!