About andre & sonika

"Ministry begins at home. It either qualifies us or disqualifies us from lasting Kingdom impact."

About Us

Ministry begins at Home!

André and Sonika Kruger are pastoring Shofar Christian Church in East London, South Africa. They love working together and partnering with God to make the bride of Christ beautiful and powerful. They are passionate about the local church and seeing relationships and marriages flourish. They renew their marriage vows every 5 years to celebrate the gift and covenant of marriage. They have recently celebrated their 20-year anniversary with special friends. They live in East London, South Africa, with their son Wian.

Relationships Matter!

The Mission of the Pastoral Gifting is to see People and Relationships Flourish!

“If there is one thing we all need to realise about the Kingdom of God then it is to understand that you and I can’t do this alone. 

God, in His wisdom, structured the Kingdom of God in such a way that it is impossible to fulfil the will of God here on earth when we’re disconnected from a community of believers.

God has hidden in others, what we need to fulfil our callings.

With this comes the temptation to use and abuse people, but that is not how we will draw out the treasures hidden within them.

The only way to draw out what God has hidden in our spouse, or Christian brother or sister, is to see them as someone made in the image of God, with something significant to add to His Kingdom.

Excerpt from Increasing Heaven’s Flow book 

"The quality of our relationships will determine if the Kingdom work that we are doing will last."

We have learned that

Love begins at home.

“Love begins with those who are closest to us. What is the point of achieving great things in the Kingdom but our marriages fall apart? What is the point of leading thousands to Christ, but our own children lose their way? Ministry begins at home.”

“I am a pastor to my family, long before I am the pastor to my church. This is by God’s design. My success at home will determine if I qualify for greater Kingdom impact. This is why the Apostle Paul says that a leader ‘must manage his own family well’, ‘for if a man cannot manage his own household, how can he take care of God’s church?'” Excerpt from Increasing Heaven’s Flow

These are some of the reasons why André and Sonika prioritise their marriage and family, and why they are passionate about investing in believers’ marriages to help church communities be healthy and God-glorifying. Your relationships can be beautiful

A Message to Help you Fall in Love & Stay in Love!

After more than 20 years of marriage we can truly say that marriage gets better and better!

We have made many mistakes and learned a lot over the years, so we would love to share with singles about “falling” in love and with “marrieds” about staying in love.

We’re sure many of us have burned our relational “fingers” at times for ignoring God’s ways in doing relationships in a healthy way. 

So check out this message we recorded just before celebrating our 20-year anniversary.  May it inspire you to take your relationships next level! 

Much love,

André & Sonika