Kingdom Unleashed Youtube Channel

Kingdom Unleashed Youtube Channel

The Kingdom Unleashed Youtube Channel is where we share multimedia enriched inspirational and equipping messages. Here you can access a number of the Kingdom Unleashed Series.

Do Miracles Still Happen Today?

These multimedia messages reveal the supernatural power of God still at work today:

  1. Part 1: The Lame Walk. 
  2. Part 2: The Blind See. 
  3. Part 3: The Sick are Healed.
  4. Part 4: The Dead are Raised. 

A Series of Miracles!

Does God still heal the sick? Does He still cause the blind to see? And, the dead to be raised? 

Check out this series for powerful testimonies of modern day miracles!

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Kingdom Unleashed Channel Intro and Overview

New to the Faith or want to Strengthen your Faith?

These multimedia messages will answer some difficult questions like:

  1. Why do Christians seem a bit “weird” when you look from the outside in?
  2. Why are some Atheists so angry towards a Being they don’t even believe in?
  3. Is it Science vs Religion? Or is the issue actually two worldviews clashing?
  4. Is there evidence for who Jesus was and said He is? 

Check out the “Weird” series.

Why are Christians so “Weird”?

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Kingdom Unleashed Youtube Channel