You are not a mistake or a coincidence.

God created you for a unique assignment and a destiny that only you can fulfil. Everything about you is made for a purpose; a heavenly mission to impact those around you with God’s love and goodness.  

Free to Be is a thirty-day devotional to inspire women to become who God has intended them to be. 


It includes Sonika’s personal stories, struggles and breakthroughs, which will encourage you to run this race of life with divine strength. 

It also includes inspirational and powerful quotes from women of God, who have wholeheartedly devoted their lives to the cause of Christ.

Each of us has a story to share. Each of us has a destiny to fulfil. In this book you will find key principles and moving stories that will guide you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. You are free to be!

"Overcoming Lies | Day 8 | Our freedom does not depend on our circumstances. It depends on how much of God's word we believe and make part of our lives. That is why we need to make war against any lies, thoughts and emotions that are not from God but planted in our hearts by the evil one."

If God could remove Sonika's shame…

If God could restore her heart after relentless disappointments…

If God could help her to face her fears…

If God could set her free from comparing herself to others…


Tools & methods

Loving the Local Church| Day 14 | "I still need to meet someone who is abundantly satisfied with life, without embracing the fullness of God's house, His church. With all my heart I believe there will always be discontent in us if we are only building our own house."