Revival is Here.
It starts with YOU.
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Apostolic Gift
Mission: Kingdom Reign
- Continue Christ's ministry to heal and deliver.
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Prophetic Gift
Mission: Presence Host
- Unleash God's voice by dwelling in His presence.
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Pastoral Gift
Mission: Relationships Flourish
- Heal hearts with the Father's love.
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Teaching Gift
Mission: Word Become "Flesh"
- Anchor the saints in Scripture.
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Evangelistic Gift
Mission: Souls Win
- Let love move you to save the lost.
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Who we are

André and Sonika Kruger are passionate about Revival and Family.

Kingdom Unleashed has the mission to REVIVE the Church, UNLOCK the Fivefold and to EQUIP the Saints to live a supernatural life. 

We aim to create a community of believers who are Revivers. A Reviver is a relational revivalist. This is someone who values relationships, loves the local church and builds others up by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Join us on the Kingdom Unleashed Youtube channel to grow into becoming a Reviver.

  •  Click here to go to the Kingdom Unleashed Youtube channel.
  • Click here to unlock the Fivefold Gifts with the Fivefold Ministry Academy. 

Are you ready to unlock what God has prepared for you? Check out the six steps of growing in the Fivefold outlined below.

"Grow in all five of the Fivefold Gifts, but specialise in one or two."

The Road Map to Build out the Fivefold Ministry Gifts

Six Steps to Transform your Life and your Environment!

Discover Your Design

Discover where you are on the Fivefold Ministry range. Click here to take the quiz. 


Breaking Barriers: Why the Fivefold Ministry gifts?

The Fivefold Ministry gifts are like a rocket or a jet that empowers the Body of Christ to break through spiritual barriers and move into the fullness of Christ. Click here to watch. 


Going Next Level - The MACH-G framework

If you want to grow in the Fivefold Ministry gifts, then you need to have a plan. The MACH-G gives a framework that will help you to grow in the Fivefold gifts. 

Watch this for an explanation of the framework. 


Join the Academy

Join the Facebook group, Fivefold Ministry Academy – Revivers Arise. 

This is a community of people that are passionate about the Fivefold gifts and will stir you to pursue more of Christ. 


Create a Reviver Hub

Get together with others either in a small group to pursue the Fivefold Ministry gifts together. 

Jesus sent the disciples out two-by-two for a reason! We need to partner with others.


Kingdom Unleashed Youtube Channel

Join us on the Kingdom Unleashed Youtube channel for ongoing interviews, like the Apostolic Unlocked and the Fivefold Unpacked.

Fivefold Unpacked with Heinrich Titus

Heinrich and Andre unpack the Fivefold, the Academy and what a Reviver is.

Check out a few Brilliant Kingdom Unleashed Episodes

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